Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Aims And Objectives Of Crises Support Group For Defence and Clifton Residents

Post incidences of violence in Karachi's elitist and projected as safe,posh areas where women and even families are finding it difficult to go out for normal outings and where yesterday a basant and valentine function of young persons in Nisar Shaheed park was vandalised by danda(sticks) bearing men, we have decided to form a network of women,including parliamentarians, professional women, and other support personnel like media persons,police other administration personnel,members of resident's societies.Already I have managed to induct few members from HOUSEWIVES group of defence residents and a number of resource persons including psychotherapists,clinical psychologists,doctors. The idea is to bring confidence and a sense of security in the resident community,so that they can find a place to come to when such a situation arises. So far there is not a single crises support center in Karachi which is a megacity.

The support group will provide full support to the victims and their families,with listening, counselling, legal aid, medical help, and any other help they may require.
There will be full information about crime,their legal aspects, how to lodge an FIR, what medical evidence to save and where to go for medicolegal examination. There will be facilitation and we will make sure that the victim is comfortable.

The parliamentarians and administration with police will fill in to amend and rectify any wrongs in access to justice. All people will be provided training and sensitization through workshops and interactive forums.

The model will be the network of support of Canada.These centers and support groups are a part of their public affairs system and are quite useful.

To work in close association with organisations like WAR, HRCP, CPLC and others working in the fields of victim support and crises management and violence mitigation.

Already we are disseminating information to the defence residents through their societies 'newsletters.

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