Monday, March 9, 2009

Fight Against Health Risks!

The Pakistani woman needs to fight against health risks. The immediate health risks are as follows;
  • Unsafe childbirth; at home deliveries,risked because untrained birth attendants are using methods such as uterine massage, unsterilised tools such as knives to cut placenta,unsterilised and highly infected materials to cut and clamp the cord. How can you help in such a situation. Provide simple but safe kits to the birth attendants and spread information about use of such kits in women and dais, small clinics. Always encourage women and children to vaccinate against tetanus. Provide vaccine to poor women in whatever scale you can. Remeber if you save one mother, you save a family!
  • Always encourage and help provide clean drinking water to a poor, uninformed family.Poor people do not have means to burn fuel for boiling, provide fuel or other methods for sterilising water such as iodine use, sunlight sterilising methods.
  • Always help poor families towards prevention of diseases. Tuberculosis bieng the most notorious and rampant in overcrowded poor dwellings, always help identify sufferers and take them to treatment facilities such as Jinnah hospital ,Karachi for full diagnosis and treatment. Remeber if the open case is detected and properly treated you save the whole family.Hepatitis prevention is another priority. help people vacinate against hepatitis B infection. Spread awareness of this disease.
  • Provide information about family planning,refer women to family planning centers.This way you prevent unsafe abortions and health risks and even mortality.

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