Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Pakistani Anti-Woman Bigotry.

Pakistan has entered the new century very ill prepared to face its modern challenges. Challenges of poverty alleviation, challenges of governance, challenges of economic development, challenges of peace and a respectable place in the comity of nations. It now represents the worst kind of opinion any nation can be had of at international level. That of a terrorist friendly, uneducated, violence perpetrating, hate mongering and  negatively nuclear armed state. Its nuclear assets are now considered a nuisance by the world community.
 A large part of this opinion stems from the fact that many of Pakistan's laws are not gender friendly and many need to be passed in order to make it a gender friendly society.
 As the women's population is above 50% of the total, all of the economic, social and country's image development depends on a just social and economic level playing field for women.This can only be achieved by giving equal opportunities to women in education, work,jobs, access to justice,social and moral platforms. They will achieve this by enacting laws that ensure their equal status in society and removing all legal hurdles that repress their participation on the basis of equality.For this the bigotist mindset and equally retrogressive opinions that are emanating from the so-called religious community need to be tempered and re-aligned and the masses educated to form an opinion that helps with passing women and worker friendly laws and removing all hurdles to their implementation.
The progress made by women rights movements in the 80's seems to be under attack by extremely retrogressive forces and the propaganda as un-Islamic is doing much damage to the name of Islam and Muslim society both internally and internationally.
 Two eminent persons have written very important articles in Dawn newspaper which explain why and how such retrogressive mentality damages the image and structure of Pakistan .

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