Saturday, April 18, 2009

Frontline Issues For The Pakistani Women

IT is an irony that the Pakistani woman was overwhelmed by issues of poverty, lack of access to justice, lack of decision making rights regarding family planning, marraige, property, education, ability to earn an income etc, she is now bieng assaulted by Talebanisation. This phenomenon, a militant assault by a primitive culture of sorts bieng thrust on our polity by force. The tragedy is tha t the ordinary citizen is not able to fight this ,how can women?
The future looks bleak for everyone who believes in Pakistan,as the legislators themselves fail to understand the seriousness of the issues. There is no open debate on the issues concerned. Everything is bieng hushed up by the concerned parliamentarians and all the officials. It seems that a larger conspiracy is taking place of which the citizen is unaware.
If we donot discuss issues out in the open and do not raise a voice against violence against women, the time will be gone to take any action.

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