Friday, May 1, 2009

Need for Closer Linkages On Women Issues.

As Pakistan faces many retrogressive ,inhibitory and primitive challenges to take its people to primitive ,unjust political culture ,there is a dire need for women from all walks and mindset to arrive at decisions and be informed on issues quickly. The purpose of this network is as follows;
People finding women on issues relating to theirs quickly.Women forming linkages and networks,groups easily according to their needs. Women pressure groups linking and bonding.
The facebook group is Network Of Women -Pakistan,which any woman ,whether in limelight or not, can join. Please refrain from entering any hate debate and issues on discussion.Only positive arguments for construction and getting women,s issues solved or helped will be encouraged. This is not a forum for abuse, degredation and assault by petty mindset. If you are not genuine do not bother.All women who want to find platforms or groups close to thier views may join.


  1. Thanks for your recent visit. It is amazing
    so far away and the many things we share
    in terms of environmental issues, vegetation and fruits brought to this continent from yours.
    Good luck in all your projects.
    Until next.

  2. I believe women will overcome their backward
    situation in most of the world, when they stop
    having children.
    Is the only way to keep them as slaves. Religion is the next obstacle, it has to be placed in the back burner.
    Every culture in the world, particularly in those poor, overpopulated, are run by macho men, keeping women under oppression and ignorance.
    When women stop having children, they could take charge of their lives. This will allow
    economical indedence breaking in this fashion
    the vicious circle: husband/children dependency versus no children, possibilities to study/work/migrate/travel.
    Otherwise the patterns of exploitation and abuse will continue.