Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Network Mind!

As I was emphasizing the formation of linkages in the women of society, gathering up on issues, a good activity by an NGO War Against Rape, has occured. They are also forming a network on their core issue amongst all parliamentarians, police, other NGOs, in order to organise and take their work forward. This activity is funded by the EU and is central for effective steps to further the cause of War Agaunst Rape.

Some issues of the lack of progress were highlighted in the workshops . All major political parties were represented. I was there as the convener of Crises Support Group fo Defence and Clifton Residents.

Some participants were clear in their minds about the issues involved in progress or hurdles to development of objects while some were not so aware.I identified the following points;

As regards structure of the Network The Chairman should be an active worker and somene who is working in the field and has time to actively monitor the activities.

There should be multiple committees like legal, media awareness, awareness and advocacy,support for victims including rehabilitation,policy making and legislation ,implementation and hurdles to implementation of laws,,monitoring of cases, and monitoring of activities.
Standard Operating Procedures should be developed for approaches to any activity involved in registering, reporting these cases.

Media guidelines keeping in mind privacy of victims issues should be developed and MOUs with media organisations developed.

The issue of organising and categorising NGOs , individuals, groups to work for awareness and advocacy and especially at grass root levels is direly felt.

The issues that the survivor and indeed anyone helping the survivor faces is strengthening the evidence. The total lack of awareness in saving the initial evidence materials, access to exam by specified doctor, the lack of availability of medicolegal officer, the lack of availability of police esp., women police personnel all come in the way of getting the perpetrator to a court of law and final punishment.

A main hurdle is lack of one window operation as emphasized both by WAR and other civil society and parliamentary members. A good infrastructure, standardised in every city and bigger town is urgently needed. This should be made compulsory under law. All interested NGOs, government departments should work cooperatively to establish these areas. It is ironic that in a society who pretends to be so religious and dogmatic in issues of chastity does not provide any organised means to facilitate the victim of such a ghastly act and crime against humanity.

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